We're Big in Japan

by Joe Marshall on June 2nd, 2020

Some time ago, we published a piece on how awesome Tailwind is, and Why We Love It, generally.

The post happened to be one of our most highly-trafficked articles outside of "Our Experience with Stripe", which recounts us using Atlas, Stripe's business-in-a-box.

But the anglophone world is so passé! A couple weeks after we published the article and it's bump in our analytics dashboard quietly disappeared, we got a message that quietly delighted this avowed linguaphile.

"Hi there!

My name is XXXXXXXXX. We run news media for engineers in Japan. Today, I read this article and got contact. https://formcake.com/blog/why-we-love-tailwind

Because, I was driven by the urge to have readers read this interesting article.

If possible, May I translate this blog post into Japanese and put it in our magazine?

Of course, I will introduce the link to the original article. Please consider our proposal.

Kind regards XXXXXXXXXXX"

Finally, our chance to pivot East! Japan has a fascinatingly unique sense of style when it comes to the web and is living our own digital near-future more than anyone else.

For weeks after we didn't hear back, and, not knowing the timeline of Japanese media, feared the worst.

Then, just today, we got a short note:

"Hi Joe,

Translated and posted this article. https://itnews.org/news_contents/why-we-love-tailwind "

It was up! In all its translated glory:

Is it an accurate representation of our thoughts represented thoughtfully and purposefully in the Japanese language? Probably!

But regardless of its content we're confident it conveys our appreciation for Tailwind across geographic and linguistic boundaries.

It's proof - the desire for utility classes is universal!

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