Introducing Formcake

by Joe Marshall on February 22nd, 2020

Hi there.

We're Joe, Jon, Tyler and Dave and we built formcake, a backend form API.


Static sites are experiencing a resurgence as stable, performant, hassle-free alternatives to a mature (or bloated) JS landscape.

But we found that as we developed static site forms for whatever reason - newsletter signups, contact us pages, small-business demo requests, etc, we kept wanting a simple endpoint to capture our form submissions - why mess up that static workflow with a server that exists just to accept an incoming "Contact Us" ping?

(basically the part of Mailchimp's forms you actually use after stripping out all the styling nonsense)

And thus formcake was born.

And who are we?

Just four professional developers who built a dead-simple form tool. Feel free to read another few paragraphs on our about page.

What does it look like though?

Like this.

And can I try it?

Please do.

What else?

This blog will be a resource for all web forms and - of course particularly - formcake forms. Check back for design tips, beginner tutorials, and simple step-by-step workflows for forms.

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